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Warranty for a perfect vacation

Service Guarantee
Honorable guest,

As the leading hotel chain in Israel, we are committed to provide the best, superior and most courteous service in each and every hotel. We believe that the hospitality experience at Isrotel hotels is second to none in the hotel industry.
From this belief, and from our confidence in our ability to maintain this level over time, we, the employees and managers of the company, make the most stringent demands of ourselves in all service areas that we provide to our guests.
The original warranty certificate was drafted and issued a decade ago - over the years it has been updated, and recently the Isrotel chain decided to extend the level of the warranty, and commit to an even higher level of service.

In this spirit, we undertake that your dreams and expectations for a perfect vacation will be realized!
This commitment was drafted and signed by the chain’s employees and management, in the “Isrotel Charter“, in the following words:
We will operate diligently and with dedication, to make our guests’ needs our top priority, to understand their requirements, fulfill their expectations and supply a personal-professional service to give them full value for their money”.

The “warranty” that presents all the details of our commitment can be found at the various reception desks and in the “Hotel Services Guide” located in all hotel rooms.
While we are convinced in our ability to maintain the level we have committed to, in each field detailed in the “Warranty” we also specify the compensation you will be awarded in case of flaws.

Enjoy your vacation ,
Lior Raviv