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Personal diet plan

Personal diet plan, which combines a balanced diet, exercise, acquires healthy lifestyle habits in a relaxing atmosphere.
The program is supervised by Shira Solo – the Resort Dietitian.
Personal diet plan at Carmel Forest Spa Resort
Carmel Forest Spa guests are invited to experience a personal program that combines a balanced diet, exercise, acquires healthy lifestyle habits in a relaxing atmosphere.
Program Duration: Minimum 3 nights.
The program is supervised by Shira Solo – the Resort Dietitian
Clinical Dietitian Bsc.Nut, expert nutrition consultation for weight loss, sports nutrition and nutrition for pregnant women.
Formal training;
• BA in nutrition (B.Sc.) from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
• a graduate course in sports nutrition from Wingate Institute of Physical Education and Sports Medicine Center of Hadassah Hospital.
• Graduate course in nutritional supplements.
Main activities and services
• Personal nutrition consult and weight loss / weight gain, total body composition of diagnosis by measuring the percentage of fat, muscle mass and body fluid and composing personal menu, which is determined according to the test results, health status, daily routine and individual food preferences.
• Sports Nutrition - nutritional consult for athletes and those engaged in physical activity, nutrition assessment and measurement of body composition, building a menu and a recommendation to taking dietary supplements if needed, depending on the type and frequency of activity.
• Women's Nutrition - nutritional consult for pregnant women and after giving birth, including nutrition and fitness recommendations during pregnancy and nursing period, to provide the necessary nutrients for proper development of the fetus and back in shape after childbirth.
• Nutritional consult to treat diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol / triglycerides, gastrointestinal problems (constipation, gas, heartburn, etc.), lipid, etc.
• Nutritional consult for Senior citizens.
• Nutritional consult healthy, low-calorie cooking.
• Lectures on nutrition & health.
The program:
Personalized menu specially made by dietitian and the Resort Chef, served to the table.
Two meetings with the Resort dietitian, including:
Computer analysis of body composition: fat mass measurement, muscle mass and body fluids.
Personalized menu for a healthy lifestyle:
Personalized menu for each participant based on measurement results, health status, daily schedule and food preferences.
Acquiring of eating regime and weight loss.
Guidance of the dietician's Resort during their stay.
• Lectures on nutrition & health.
A varied program of sporting activities taking place at the Resort;
Pilates, aerobics, yoga, Tai Chi, belly dancing, exercise with a ball, Feldenkrais, water exercises, guided forest walks, meditation, body shaping, back and shoulders exercise, bone strength.
Activities in the Gym.
Variety of activities taking place at the Resort;
Lectures, experiential workshops, guided imagination, musical performances.

For more information, please contact Shira, Resort Dietitian: +972-4-8307874