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Site Security

Isrotel secure site at the highest level!
Dear guest,

The first time you make a reservation on our site, you will receive a username and password.
That way you can ensure the privacy of your booking, and save time.
Your personal information is stored on a secure server that is not accessible to other users.
The site received approval from the company VERISIGN for secure data transfer.

The transfer is carried out by the SSL protocol.
SSL protocol encrypts the data such that it cannot be interpreted.
In addition, we run the most advanced hardware and software security programs: FIREWALL, CHECKPOINT, and more.

Credit card companies approved the transfer of card information on the site.
The Isrotel chain undertakes to keep details of your reservation confidential and not to transfer them to any other party.

Please note that according to credit card law, when the card is used by a person not entitled thereto, the cardholder will not be responsible.

We wish you an enjoyable and secure browsing our site.