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Personal Consultation
Includes computerized Body Composition Test, personalized menu building according to the computerized test results, the lifestyle and the guest’s stat of health.
45 min $57.93
Personal Consultation for Pregnant Women
Nutritional recommendations for the period of pregnancy and nursing in order to ensure the provision of all the necessary nutritional components for the development of the fetus and a return to shape after pregnancy.
45 min $57.93
Body Composition Test
Computerized test for body fat, lean body mass and water.
250 min $27.71
Sport Nutrition
Nutrition advice for athletes and people who are interested in physical activities. The consultation includes nutritional evaluation, body composition test, menu building and recommendations for nutrition supplements as necessary, according to the type and frequency of physical activity. Recommended to bring blood test results.
45 min $57.93
  • Scheduling treatments is conditioned upon room reservation in the resort.
  • The prices are in $ and include VAT.
  • The “Carmel Forest” Spa reserves the right to cancel or alter the pricelist and the treatments pricelist at any time.
  • No double deals or discounts on ordering spa treatments and packages (excluding Carmel Forest Club members, the Sun club and Club Royal).