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Dermalogica Facial Treatments

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AGE Smart™ Facial Treatment
A luxurious treatment to prevent
premature aging of the skin and for general improvement of
its appearance. The treatment combines a high concentration
of vitamins, fruit acids, and peptides to improve skin firmness,
smooth out fine lines, and add glamour and a healthy glow.
The treatment includes an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) peel and
a firming seaweed mask. (This treatment is recommended for
dry skin and skin with sun damage.)
50 min $101.27
A special harmonious
treatment including an aromatherapy massage rich in extracts
and oils to calm red or irritated skin and any skin suffering
from stress. This treatment also features an active oatmeal
mask and a soothing serum to help counteract environmental
damage. This is a warm and cozy treatment, giving you an
overall feeling of pampering and relaxation, and leaving your
skin calm and glowing.
50 min $91.14
Holistic Penetrating Moisture Treatment
A soothing and
pampering facial treatment to help imbue dry skin with
moisture. The treatment utilizes plant extracts and hydrating
serums, and includes a peeling treatment, rich aromatherapy
massage, and hydrating mask. Recommended for all ages
and skin types.
50 min $91.14
Deep Cleansing Facial
A deep cleansing treatment for oily
skin that cleanses and drains pores as well as purifying and
absorbing the skin’s excess oils. The treatment uses plant
enzymes and fruit acids to balance and purify the skin.
Suitable for oily to combination skin.
50 min $96.2
Men's Purifying Skin Treatment
A special treatment for men, including
a unique peeling based on rice bran, plant enzymes, and
fruit acids, as well as the cleansing and purifying of the skin.
(This treatment is recommended for every man interested in
maintaining his skin's health and vitality.)
50 min $91.14
Dermalogica Beauty Treatment
A beauty treatment specially
tailored to the recipient's unique skin type and needs. Includes
vitamins that are essential to the skin, such as vitamins E
and C, to leave the skin suppler, with a fresh and revitalized
45 min $84.81
Casmara - Skin Sensations Treatment
A unique treatment provides a cocktail of vitamins and minerals your skin has
been waiting for to prevent and reduces the first signs of aging.
This skin treatment contains 24 karat Gold dust that nourishes and revitalizes the skin. Quickly recovers hydration, tone and the natural glow of the skin.
50 min $132.66
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