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Conferences - Royal Beach
Conferences - Royal Beach
It’s not surprising that the Conference Center at the Isrotel Royal Beach Hotel has become the first choice of leading event and conference organizers in Israel. Continue
Conferences - Carmel Forest
Conferences - Carmel Forest
Carmel Forest Spa Resort is increasingly chosen among companies, businesspeople and private customers as a venue for meetings, business encounters, brainstorming sessions, company events and private events. Continue
Every event, conference, convention or company day starts with a dream, an idea. At Isrotel, we love to make dreams come true…

Holding conferences and events at the Isrotel hotel chain is your way of producing an event while maintaining peace of mind. The chains hotels and our professional teams have been hosting, organizing and accompanying conferences and events of all kinds for over 30 years. From an exclusive board meeting for 10 people up to the “Isrotel Phaza Morgana Festival”, which lasts several days and attracts thousands of people and dozens of activities - our experience and professional knowledge are the backbone of the different Isrotel chain hotels, providing us with the tools and means required to carry out perfect events and conferences of any type and size.

Every event you hold in Isrotel is organized and carried out using the highest-quality and most advanced facilities available in Israel. Isrotel's countrywide hotels, offer a variety of event halls, conference halls, meeting rooms, cuisines, attractions, group activities, equipment and the best professional staff in the industry. The Isrotel chain’s extensive infrastructure ensures that any event or conference you dream of will be nothing less than perfect!

Please note!

If you are planning a conference or event of any kind, even in its initial stages – contact us as soon as possible by phone or via our website. Detailed pre-planning is the key to the success of any event.

Detailed information about conferences and halls in the chain’s hotels is available on the relevant hotel page, Click here
Isrotel direct for groups
Group holidays are our specialty at Isrotel. The Groups Department at Isrotel is in direct contact with parties interested in going on a collective vacation, and specializes in arranging group vacations for groups of all sizes. 8 Isrotel hotels in Eilat together with 4 hotels around the country allow you to take advantage of your budget in the most efficient manner possible, to get the most out of every event.
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Isrotel’s Conferences Department offers a comprehensive solution
In Isrotel, each conference or event is taken care of down to the smallest detail. Everything is managed ‘in-house’: from guest accommodation through flower arrangements, multimedia equipment to the waiters’ uniforms, impressive décor for events and outstanding catering. More…