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Adventure flights by helicopter

Adventure flights by helicopter in the Machtesh Ramon and flights to tourist and scenery sites.
The Beresheet Hotel offers its guests a speedy arrival and an exciting flight by helicopter with CN AIRWAYS of the Chim Nir Group. A unique offer to Beresheet Hotel guests – a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience flying over a moonscape area.

The Company grants you, guests at the Beresheet Hotel, the once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy a flight over a geological wonderland unique to Israel.
Arrival at and departure from the Beresheet Hotel by helicopter – Do you really want to drive hours in the desert? Would you like to arrive speedily and safely to the Beresheet Hotel? If so, travel by helicopter!

Instead of traveling two and half hours on roads from Tel Aviv to Mitspe Ramon, fly by helicopter and within an hour from takeoff at Tel Aviv you will land at the threshold of the Beresheet Hotel after an exhilarating flight combining viewing the scenery with a geographical explanation by your guide, the pilot. There is no better way to begin and end a vacation in the Beresheet Hotel than to fly in a helicopter.
Extreme Flights -the big advantage of a helicopter is its ability to fly low and at variable speeds combining scenery and nature. We offer you flights over the desert, among landscapes uniquely wild and magical. South of the Beresheet Hotel expanses of desert are spread out before you enveloping the Machtesh Ramon, Nahal Nakron, Nahal Arod, Nahal and Mount Karkum, the plains, Mount Harif, Mount Halmish, Nahal Paran and many more enchanting places all with their own stories, legends and their own majestic scenery.
Flights around the Machtesh Ramon – come and experience for yourself the power and global uniqueness of the Machtesh Ramon, the bottom of which is some 200 million years old! When you leave the northern part of the Beresheet Hotel, you can see in front of you a big football field that serves our pilots and our helicopters for landing. From the football field we takeoff and experience the steepness of the northern Machtesh Ramon wall. For a moment we will feel like a bird soaring into the skies.

From the moment we enter the Machtesh Ramon, we will fly in the direction of the site called "The Carpentry Shop", an area in which there are many ancient natural phenomena including deposits of quartz formed from the eruptions that took place eons ago. From there, we will fly south east towards Mount Katum - from its peak you can see inscriptions on rocks etched there by the fighters of the legendry Matkal Unit of the IDF.

Your pilot will point the helicopter in a westerly direction and between the southern wall of the Crate and Nahal Nakrov, he will explain to you about the events that caused the creation of the Machtesh Ramon. A sharp turn northwards and now we re-enter the Crater through the Pitam Gap, climbing we fly back to Mitspe Ramon for our last viewing point over the Crater and to the Beresheet Hotel that is blended into the landscape.

The flight offers a golden opportunity to understand the structure of the Crater, the process of its creation, the layers of history, and the flora and fauna existing within it. The trip takes 10 minutes. It is possible to make several trips. Ideal for large families or for companies being hosted at the Hotel.
Flights to the tourist and scenery sites - planning a visit to a tourist site in the south? Would you like to combine a number of sites in one day? You have arranged a jeep trip in the desert and you would like to reach the meeting point quickly, safely and enjoy a thrilling experience? A flight in a helicopter is an option for you! Take one of our helicopters and allow the pilot to explain to you about the scenery and the history en route.

Combine a spectacular flight and aerial observation of the area together with a visit on the ground – the combination of both will lead to the best insight of the structure of the area and of the stories narrated about the scenery and historical sites. Examples of sites in the south – Metsada and the Dead Sea, Sde Boker, Nahak Zin, The Small Crater, the Big Crater and the Machtesh Ramon, the World Heritage Site of Avdat, and many other amazing sites.
CN AIRWAYS of the Chim Nir Group is the most senior helicopter company in Israeli operating private flights employing the biggest and the most luxurious fleet of helicopters in Israel. All the Company pilots are graduates of the Israel Air Force, some of them still serving in the reserves in the IAF Flight Academy or in operational squadrons.
The Company Helicopters for Tourist Flights:
Single engine helicopter with four passenger seats. A small basic helicopter performing every mission speedily and efficiently.
Single engine helicopter with 6 passenger seats. A strong helicopter allowing a large number of passengers to fly. The big brother of the JET RANGER.
Twin engine helicopter with 5 passenger seats. French made helicopter, capable of taking off and landing from anywhere in Israel, including the helicopter pad on top of the tower of the round Azrieli building. This helicopter is especially luxurious and safe (it has two engines). 
BELL 407
Single engine helicopter with 6 passenger seats. The most luxurious helicopter in Israel! This modern, strong and elegant helicopter is equipped with an especially strong engine, and an advanced hydraulic stabilizing system and an Activated Noise Reduction communication system manufactured by Bose, all in order to grant you a perfect flight experience.

General Remarks:
•The flight must be booked at least 72 hours in advance.  Implementing the flight is subject to availability of the helicopters and permission from the I.A.F.
•All flights are coordinated with the Nature Preservation Society.  Occasionally changes are made to the route and/or altitude of the flight due to restrictions imposed in order to preserve the flora and fauna.
•The Company helicopters takeoff and land from Herzlia Airport.  Cost of the flight is determined by the flight time from takeoff until landing at Herzlia.
•Flight coordination must be made directly with CN AIRWAYS or at the Hotel Beresheet counter.
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