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About Us

About Us

The birth of the Isrotel hotel chain begins, like all good stories, with one man's dream.

David Lewis, a Jewish businessman living in London, fell in love in the early 1980s with the natural beauty of the city of Eilat and recognized the great potential for tourism in the area. The desert, the sea, the coral, the sun that shines all year long, the proximity to the tourist centers of the Sinai Peninsula and Petra together with the relative proximity to Europe, all formed the basis of his vision to transform Eilat to a center of tourism and recreation. In 1984 Lewis succeeded in seeing his dream realized with the launch of the Isrotel King Solomon Hotel in Eilat, which re-defined the term “vacation in Eilat”.

Meet the Isrotel management team and the managers of the hotels.

The hotel, which has won acclaim in Israel and worldwide, paved the way the establishment of large hotels of international standards and started the ball rolling to put Eilat on the international tourism map. Following the launch of the King Solomon Hotel, the city of Eilat has developed into a vibrant tourism center, together with the growing Isrotel chain. Today, the Isrotel chain operates 17 hotels in Israel, with 3700 suites and rooms and a huge selection of activities, restaurants, halls, swimming pools, entertainment shows, recreation, and different vacation facilities.

Nine out of 17 of the hotels are located in the city of Eilat:

Royal Beach Eilat - An exclusive recreation hotel.
Isrotel King Solomon - A vibrant recreation hotel.
Isrotel Princess - Family Hotel.
Isrotel Royal Garden  - Family suites hotel.
Isrotel Agamim - A vacation on the water.
Isrotel Yam Suf – Diving and recreation hotel.
Isrotel Sport Club - All-inclusive sporty hotel.
Isrotel Laguna - All-inclusive in Eilat – All-inclusive hotel.
Isrotel Riviera Club  - Apartment hotel.
Isrotel Dead Sea - Recreation hotel and spa.
Isrotel Ganim at the Dead Sea – Recreation hotel and spa.
Beresheet - An exclusive recreation hotel.
Isrotel Ramon Inn in Mitzpe Ramon - A desert recreation hotel.
Isrotel Tower Tel Aviv - Urban suites hotel.
Royal Beach Tel Aviv- An exclusive hotel.
Cramel Forest Resort – Israel’s leading health and wellness resort and spa.
Cramim Resort & Spa – Prestigious hotel offering a range of experiences suited.

Properties in development:
Isrotel Jerusalem – An exclusive collection hotel (anticipated opening 2016)
Isrotel Tel Aviv – Urban hotel (anticipated opening 2017)

Over the years, the Isrotel chain has acquired a good name among holiday-makers, due to innovative thinking and consistent attention to customers’ needs. Our understanding of our customers’ needs has led to the development of the Isrotel hotel chain’s hospitality experience that is based on a groundbreaking concept that differentiates between essence and quality – the essence of the vacation. Different people have different dreams, so every hotel in the Isrotel chain offers an essentially different type of dream vacation, allowing everyone the freedom to find the best possible hotel too meet their tastes, needs, dreams and budget.

Quality of the vacation - No matter who you are and what you dream - whether it's a spa in the Carmel, cycling tours in the Ramon Crater or a romantic vacation in Eilat - you can be sure that the quality of the hotels and the level of service are preserved at the highest standards set by the Isrotel chain.

Extensive experience of many years working with tourism officials from Israel and abroad enables the Isrotel chain to continue to provide customers with the best professional service while continuing to grow and develop all the time. The company, which is publicly traded, constantly continues to upgrade and improve the existing hotels, build and acquire new hotels and make more and more dreams come true for us all.

The Isrotel hotel chain is the most professional and progressive in Israel, the only chain which offers a warranty for the perfect vacation to ensure you enjoy your vacation completely.